Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The Set

The live-action set took a long time to be designed and built, and needed lots of pre-vis and revisions in CG to be completed. I worked with Milan and the set designer Ruth at the start of this process, and once the live-action set was built had to measure the set and build a 1:1 recreation Maya version for use by the animations, for camera tracking and for rendering.

Some early pre-vis renders of the in development set:

Initial Colour Tests (which I'm very glad we didn't have to stick with):



Final pre-vis renders:



The completed live-action set, and final set blueprints. The set itself ended up being huge at over 30 meters across. As we needed the CG set I was creating to be as accurate as possible as it would be used for rendering things like shadows onto the live-action plates I needed to make sure I had accurate measurements. I went down to the set for a day and using a laser measure, triangulated from as many objects with sharp corners as I could. I used these measurements in combination with the set plans to build the set from splines in Maya.



Completed accurate build of the CG set:

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