Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The Iconiscreen

The Iconiscreen was one of the central props for the live-action scripts, yet the descriptions of it varied between the writers. As a part of the art team at Dinamo we came up with several different designs and tests before the directors settled on Milan's design of cogs and gears.

An early test I did for the poles forming:

A test of the screen building based on a description in one of the scripts:

Milan's pre-vis build of his design for the Iconiscreen:

A deformation test done using nCloth and an animated ripple displacement map for the Iconicles leaving the screen:

The completed CG build (metal textures by Oliver Atton-Higgins, and the globe texture by Dan McCarthy):

The live-action set with the physical Iconiscreen:

And finally, the completed introduction sequence with the screen building:

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