New Portfolio

My new Portfolio is now up-to-date and can be found at 

Vue Jungle Scene

This is the first time I've ever tried using Vue and I've come away very impressed with what you can create with it in a short space of time. It's interface is extremely easy to get to grips with and gives you plenty of control over the scene you're creating without drowning you in details. 

.357 Magnum Tri Revolvers

                        Composited Image

Renders of the revolvers for a character I'm working on - I think I've just about got the render's down to where like them - I only used a beauty, AO and ZDepth as I rolled spec, shadows and reflections into my beauty pass.

Showreel 2012

My latest showreel:

(Vimeo link:

Red Bull Canimation

I decided to put an entry in for the Red Bull Canimation contest as it looked like it could be fun, and I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do. However, I also realised that by the time I decided I was going to enter the contest there were 7 days left. I needed to throw on some inspiring music and work fast...

Dinamo - Other Projects

Whilst at Dinamo I also worked on a couple of other side projects. The first was a pitch piece for the BBC's new version of the Borrowers which involved two shots (I only have one of them unfortunately as the other is lost on a magnetic backup somewhere), it was great fun to work on and a massive shame we didn't get to take it any further.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - The End

Some of the Abadas crew at our Cardiff screening.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Indoor Props

Various indoor props from Abadas.


Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - Outdoors

A selection of outdoor props I built and textured for Abadas.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Plants & Nature

A selection of the nature based props from Iconicles.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Clothes and Accessories

Although a lot of the props in Abadas didn't need to be directly interacted with by the Characters, the clothes obviously had to fit them correctly in 2D - this was easy enough as I simply made sure to model on top of the 2d turn-arounds.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - The Kitchen

Props from all the episodes in the kitchen, modelled in Maya and rendered using HDR & mental ray.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Snow & Ice



A few of the props from the snowy episode.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Animals

The animals created for Abadas.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Vehicles

I really enjoy modelling vehicles and mechanical objects, and found the bubbly style used in Abadas to be different from the style I'm used to modelling. It also worked out easier to model with Sub-D's than if they'd been more traditionally styled, as it can an issue getting a hard-surface models to hold their shape effectively with sub-d's.

Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Buildings & Sets

Straight after finishing up work on Iconicles I began modelling for another CBBC show Dinamo were working on, Abadas. The show featured 2D animated characters that interacted with CG modelled props in one section of the show, and I was required to model and texture the majority of those props. In total there were around 138 props of which I modelled about 115 of them.

As there are so many props I'm going to try and group them by type to make it easier to organise. 

Buildings & Sets:

Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The End

Iconicles was a really fun project to work on, and it was my first experience of working on something of that scale. Everyone on the crew pulled together and made Dinamo a great place to work and the episodes came out looking far better than anything else for pre-school TV.

The CBBC website for Iconicles can be found here:

The head of VFX, Christian Lett put together a photo of the full CG VFX team that worked on Iconicle's here:

Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The Props

After building the CG set I also had to build a number of the props for CG replacement and shadow-catch on Iconicles, which also had to be accurate enough to match up with the live-action plates.

Props used for CG replacement and shadow-catch:

And the completed jug, skateboard and cup shots from the episodes:

Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The Set

The live-action set took a long time to be designed and built, and needed lots of pre-vis and revisions in CG to be completed. I worked with Milan and the set designer Ruth at the start of this process, and once the live-action set was built had to measure the set and build a 1:1 recreation Maya version for use by the animations, for camera tracking and for rendering.

Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 - The Iconiscreen

The Iconiscreen was one of the central props for the live-action scripts, yet the descriptions of it varied between the writers. As a part of the art team at Dinamo we came up with several different designs and tests before the directors settled on Milan's design of cogs and gears.

An early test I did for the poles forming:

Dinamo - Iconicles Season 1 Pre-Production

It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, as for the past year and a half I've been working at Dinamo Productions on two kids TV shows - Iconicles & Abadas. As I've now finished at Dinamo, I think it's about time I tided this blog up and put up some of the work I've been doing.