Abadas - Season 1 & 2 - Clothes and Accessories

Although a lot of the props in Abadas didn't need to be directly interacted with by the Characters, the clothes obviously had to fit them correctly in 2D - this was easy enough as I simply made sure to model on top of the 2d turn-arounds.





The umbrella was more complicated than it looked as we needed it to open in shot, so I modelled the framework of an umbrella accurately and constrained it's movements using set driven keys to imitate how a real umbrella works. On top of this I built the open fabric and converted it to nCloth, and used point on poly to attach it to the frame. It was now possible to either collapse or open the umbrella and have it react accordingly. I was happy with the system behind it, but wish I'd spent a bit longer on the movement and look of it, as it looks more like a parasol than umbrella.

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