Final Year Showreel

Well here it is after lots of hard work my final year showreel:

Was really proud to have it nominated for best CG alongside 2 other artists and an animator, although I didn't win. Kudos to Aran for his briliant winning animation reel which had me laughing all the way through, and to Dan and Oliver for some great Artist reels (and to everyone else for finishing a great third year).

Currently working on some concepts for another character piece, which if i can hammer down some of the finer details will hopefully be able to get Ken to help out on designing.

Vulturious Props

This screen grab shows the props and textures I created for the NS_Vulturius level. All other props, textures and models are property of Unknown Worlds upcoming game Natural Selection II.

Environment Stuff

Well last few days before hand in, and I've finally gotten around to posting something about my environment! It's a map for Unknown World's upcoming fps Natural Selection 2 (, which is currently in pre-alpha state so there are a fair few bugs and headaches I've had to wade through to get it to this stage, but the games community is very helpful and friendly (which is lucky as there's no official documentation on how to gets models and textures into the engine).

So here is the current state of Ns_Vulturious:

Next on the to do list is to get more floor and wall textures and props done to break up that mass, and do a ceiling texture or two.

Scavourer completed-turn around

This is the high-poly unposed character, works out at about 25,000 polys in all though there is a low poly (5000) version rendering now which is also skinned.

Overall quite happy with how it came out, but there are a few things I'd like to tweak if I have time further down the line.

T - Rex Final

Finally got around to having a play down in the new render farm in uni with a fair bit of hand-holding from Ryan (methaphorically of course... mainly).

Also first chance I've really had to see the T-rex rig in action, the sheer amount of work that's gone into it is amazing, so thanks to Toke for building it and Ryan for creating such a fun project to work on.

Sure this won't be the last thing I'll do on the Rex project as I forsee more hands being needed on deck closer to the glammies, but here he is in all his glory:

Rest of the week I'm planning on really knuckling down and getting the last few niggly bits sorted on my character and vehicle and getting them rendered out as well leaving me with just my environment to go (it's been started, but I am a bit behind on it at the moment).

General update

Quick update showing where I'm currently at with my vehicle and character. After chatting to the guys from Blitz Games, they gave me some great feedback to really work on the basic form and anatomy of my character, so taking this on board I've tried to get a more believable form down (big thanks to them).

Vehicle wise, nothing on the model itself has really changed just been dirtying it up and making it less like a lego toy.

Vehicle Update

Once again been awhile since I've updated, deadlines seem to be creeping up on me all the time.

Anyway onto actual work! This is still a WIP but is moving along pretty quickly and should be finished in the next couple of days. The idea is it's a utility exo-frame for lifting heavy loads around warehouses docks etc. much like a futuristic folklift truck.

Still a fair bit to do as there's no normals or spec maps done yet and the diffuse isn't finished but it's coming together faster than I expected. The Scavourer is off with Mark N being animated in whatever spare time he gets  (I finished rigging the other day, will throw a test up sooner or later).