Scavourer colour tests.

Few quick colour tests for my Scavourer. He's a cute little carrion demon that feeds on the flesh and souls of the dead and the dying. Stands around 6'7" in his usual hunched over stance, but much taller if he were to straighten. Can run suprisingly fast, and is extremely agile, with his wings allowing him to glide short distances.

Finished protect gear.

Sadly didn't have time to rig and pose as I wanted to but here is the completed character and his weapon (from the anime film Jin-Roh). The overlaid armour on the face was a pain to do but fun, mudbox on the whole is easy to pick up and learn but I missed Zbrush's higher poly limits.

Jin Roh Protect Gear turn around

Took far too long but turn around is finished. Will probably model it in two main stages, roughing in the character under the armour first to be mud boxed and layering the armour and details on top.

Cave Renders

Final rendered stills for my cave.

Cave Concept Art

Concept piece for my first project back (create an environment). It's an underground cave with lava and a bridge over it.

Steve Likes Birds.

Second year final compositing project, could have used more time and organization on it but the basics are there. Vimeo seems to have squished this a bit too.

Steve Likes Birds. from Rhodri Matthews on Vimeo.