Dinamo - Other Projects

Whilst at Dinamo I also worked on a couple of other side projects. The first was a pitch piece for the BBC's new version of the Borrowers which involved two shots (I only have one of them unfortunately as the other is lost on a magnetic backup somewhere), it was great fun to work on and a massive shame we didn't get to take it any further.

I was responsible for the environment creation in this scene, and modelled and textured  the piece of wood to stand up to an extreme close up.

The other was for a shot on the BBC Wales documentary, Story of Wales. Here I worked on a number of different parts, such as modelling and texturing the foreground nose of the boat & chain, adding modelled detail to the other boats and texturing them, tweaking and adjusting animation on the boats and water and some of the assistant comping as well.

Overall I like the look & ambiance of the shot, but wish the directors hadn't wanted to add in the foreground boat coming in from the right. The model was only ever modelled to be viable from the mid-ground, and we didn't have the time to change its model when they decided to change it to foreground.

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