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Well last few days before hand in, and I've finally gotten around to posting something about my environment! It's a map for Unknown World's upcoming fps Natural Selection 2 (http://www.unknownworlds.com/ns2/), which is currently in pre-alpha state so there are a fair few bugs and headaches I've had to wade through to get it to this stage, but the games community is very helpful and friendly (which is lucky as there's no official documentation on how to gets models and textures into the engine).

So here is the current state of Ns_Vulturious:

Next on the to do list is to get more floor and wall textures and props done to break up that mass, and do a ceiling texture or two.

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Murasaki Ookami said...

hey it's looking good I was wondering if you'd give me some tips for getting my environment into that engine like how do i get started?

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