T - Rex Final

Finally got around to having a play down in the new render farm in uni with a fair bit of hand-holding from Ryan (methaphorically of course... mainly).

Also first chance I've really had to see the T-rex rig in action, the sheer amount of work that's gone into it is amazing, so thanks to Toke for building it and Ryan for creating such a fun project to work on.

Sure this won't be the last thing I'll do on the Rex project as I forsee more hands being needed on deck closer to the glammies, but here he is in all his glory:

Rest of the week I'm planning on really knuckling down and getting the last few niggly bits sorted on my character and vehicle and getting them rendered out as well leaving me with just my environment to go (it's been started, but I am a bit behind on it at the moment).

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